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Default VIDEO: City Of Berkeley Officials Strike Gendered Descriptions From Municipal Codes

City Of Berkeley Officials Strike Gendered Descriptions From Municipal Codes; Such As Manhole

Excerpt: The city voted Tuesday night to replace gendered terms in its municipal codes, like “manhole” and “manpower,” with gender-neutral ones like “maintenance hole” and “human effort.”

“There’s power in language,” Robinson said. “This is a small move, but it matters.”

- sacramento.cbslocal.com

The biggest part of this story is that "there's power in language".

What this means is that trans practitioners not only want to change to the opposite sex and then be called by that designation on an individual level... they also want to erase anything that has a gender name within its description and that includes mom and dad to parent 1 and parent 2.

The power in this language is that it rewrites natural history, natural science, natural biology and all things real in nature to a new definition that will erase male and female from language, smashing down the family unit from its source of power (man, woman, child) to something generic and fake that holds no power.

This is the watering down of the family unit, men and women, mom and dad along with children, boys and girls into a unisex or non-sex type designation where everyone looks and thinks alike.

Remember what I have always said in many comments before on what globalization is about... one of the main prongs of it is to eventually make everyone look and think alike through the control of products available, what we read, what we view, what is allowed to be posted on social media, what foods we eat, how we acquire food and now... the terms for men and women to be watered down through the control of language and what we are allowed to say.

Remember---> Mother No Longer A Gender Specific Term, UK Govt. Lawyers Claim

This too---> VIDEO: Lesbian, Julia Beck Explains How The Trans Ideology Is Anti-Female In Reality
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