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Default Sefton Council In UK Takes Down Flags Supporting "Women" Due To Insult To Trans

Sefton Council In UK Takes Down Flags Supporting "Women" Due To Insult To Trans

Excerpt: A council in the UK removed two “transphobic” flags because they displayed the dictionary definition of the word ‘woman’.

The flags, which were flown outside Bootle & Southport town halls, were meant to celebrate International Women’s Day.

They featured the words “woman” and the dictionary definition that a ‘woman’ is an “adult human female.”

However, after a Twitter user called Adrian Harrop complained that the flags were a “transphobic dog whistle,” the offending items were removed.

- zerohedge.com/summit.news

The cultural war against men and women continues as LGBTQ groups and allies continue to go after nature and natural relationships (biological men, women and heterosexuality... the building blocks of the natural family unit).

Why would local government officials endorse this activity?

1.) They are scared of being sued and labeled as trans-phobic and/or homo-phobic, etc. Social pressure created by "progressive" politicians and media outlets.

2.) They are allies of the LGBTQ groups.

Why would large government groups endorse the LGBTQ lifestyle?

1.) They have a vested interest in retaining power and that interest includes using other groups and definitions to weaken those who could take power; such as the power of the natural family unit (morality).
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