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Default Tampax (Tampon Company) States Men Have Periods Too!

Tampax (Tampon Company) States Men Have Periods Too!

Excerpt: The female hygiene company Tampax decided on Sunday to express support for biological women who want to live as men by posting on social media that biological sex doesn’t determine who has menstrual cycles.

“Fact: Not all women have periods,” Tampax posted on its Twitter account. “Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed. #mythbusting #periodtruths #transisbeautiful.”

- breitbart.com

Globalists (in the form of multinational corporations) will do anything to make money including state outright lies that go against factual science and biology that men have periods too. In this case the Tampax company.

This is virtue signaling for trans people, to make it more mainstream. Like getting your genitals mutilated by a "real" doctor is normal behavior because Tampax says so as they follow the "progressive" party line.

Multinational corporations are not to be trusted, clearly. They only want to blur the lines of borders of not just nations but of men and women.

The destruction of individuality for some strange unisex version of humanity is occurring now.
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