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Exclamation By 2030 Food Prices To Increase By 400% Or How Covid-19 Used To Take Food Industry

By 2030 Food Prices To Increase By 400% Or How Covid-19 Used To Take Food Industry

Excerpt: Back in 2015, 65 people showed up at the World Wildlife Fund’s headquarters in Washington D.C. These individuals were international policymakers, corporate businessmen, academics, and “leaders in thought.” Their goal? To run a simulation of a world food crisis that would begin in 2020 and run to 2030.

The press release of the event was published on the Big Ag corporation Cargill website and revealed that the food shortage simulation that the decade between 2020 and 2030 would see two major food crises. During this time, prices would rise 400% of the long term average, there would be a number of climate-related weather events, governments would be toppled in Ukraine and Pakistan, and famine would force refugees from Myanmar, Chad, Sudan, and Bangladesh.

- theorganicprepper.com

So here we are today, 2020 in the heart of the covid-19 deal. Governments across the world have worked in unison to quarantine the healthy and mandate that businesses shut down, especially mom-and-pop businesses who aren't publicly traded companies and therefore have no ability to raise money to stay afloat besides going into more debt.

Now, if restaurants, bars, pubs, food trucks and schools are shuttered then food suppliers won't be able to supply as much food and they will cut back on food production to save money.

The now scarce food will have prices marked up because the food suppliers still need to make money. Unfortunately with 65 million newly unemployed people in America alone (never mind the world unemployment numbers) they can't afford to eat anything but minimal food (cereal, bologna, hot dogs, cheap fast food, etc.) and those food industries will be okay but the mom-and-pop restaurants when allowed to open back up to a 25% customer rate will struggle as they will be in debt and not have enough customers due to government policy for covid-19 which is basically a scorched earth policy or shut it all down.

Today I've seen food products shrink (shrinkflation) and prices go up. I paid $10 for four avocados the other day. I got six peaches for nearly $10.

The point is that if prices go up by 400% then I will be paying $32 for a block of sharp cheddar cheese.

Do you see a problem here? Not only will food be very expensive but choice and even once-in-awhile fine dining will no longer be on the menu of choices.

At this moment choices are being destroyed by government policy, not covid-19. The only survivors will be corporate entities and their fat wallets via Wall St.

Mom-and-pop... they don't care about them because their independent, freedom loving ways simply serve as a hindrance to globalists and group conformity.

Note: How Do Mom-And-Pop Restaurants Compare To Corporate Chain Restaurants During Covid-19?

Excerpt:The coronavirus pandemic is splitting the restaurant industry in two. Big, well capitalized chains like Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. and Domino’s Pizza Inc. are gaining customers and adding stores while tens of thousands of local eateries go bust.

- thestreet.com
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