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Exclamation VIDEO: Young College Kids State They Aren't Proud To Be American

VIDEO: Young College Kids State They Aren't Proud To Be American

A new Gallup poll recently showed a stark decrease in the number of young Americans who considered themselves proud to be American. Interesting video and really no surprise. The answers the youth give aren't full of detail but simply having the feeling that they aren't proud to be an American with no facts behind that feeling... well the leftist propaganda is winning!

Why be surprised? Remember how education has been programming our youth--->
Reprogramming Our Youth Through Education & Social Engineering

Obviously Global Research is exposing the true intent of globalization and American politicians and corporations are a huge player in that but it's pretty tough to get a nation on the right track if the youth appear to have little hope for America.

There's a saying that goes like this, "How do you expect a person to be better if you keep throwing his past into his face?"
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