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Default The Power Of Social Media In Our Kid's Lives Is Overwhelming

The Power Of Social Media In Our Kid's Lives Is Overwhelming

Excerpt: Malaysian police are investigating the case of a teenager believed to have jumped to her death after asking her social media followers to vote on whether she should kill herself.

"We are conducting a post-mortem to determine whether there were other factors in her death," he said, adding that the girl had a history of depression.

It's interesting that depression was brought up. Depression is terrible. We know that. It's a battle. We know that. What's very alarming is that social media users would vote for her to kill herself and also that this girl found these online votes to mean something to her in deciding to take her life.

Social media is partly to blame because it runs too much power in our lives from kids to adults... online addiction, social acceptance, online bullying, gaming addiction, porn addiction... these devices are very powerful and a law should be made where kids at the age of 16 or older can have these smartphones, etc. Time online should also be monitored and given in spurts... not all day and night long for kids.
If this continues... kids will grow up addicted and be more interested in an online reality over the real thing... real people... real conversations... real problems. A world of bored people needing quick responses and quick interactions will ruin our humanity. A humanity of patient, thinking people.

Remember also... "progressives", globalists, socialists, communists... they desire people to be malleable like these kids are becoming. A population group that can be manipulated by social media is preferred over people who question authority.

Remember---> Study Shows Media Influence On Suicide Contagion - Now Assess Trans Social Contagion

This---> Porn Addiction Clinic Has Patient As Young As 8 Years Old
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