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Default UK Study Says Millennials Would Rather Interact With Robots, Not People

UK Study Says Millennials Would Rather Interact With Robots, Not People

Excerpt: The bombshell study, of 1,200 employees in the UK, found the millennial generation is increasingly looking for ways to shun human contact.
Of those surveyed, one in six (17 percent) 18-34-year-olds named customer interaction among their most hated work tasks.

A total of 43 percent of over 55s prioritise speaking to their boss straight away to deal with an issue, the research showed.

Whereas, of the 18-34-year-olds surveyed, only 23 percent would opt to communicate with their boss to swiftly deal with an issue.

Seems like this study has more to do with the fragility of millennials and being challenged by a customer than it does simply wanting to be around a robot.

This study shows that these millennials have weak communication skills, a thin skin, need a "safe space" perhaps and believe that they know it all?

We need a future of strong, confident, self-assured people as opposed to weak, self-absorbed, people-hating whiners.

Do these millennials believe in anything besides their over-sensitivity?

The "progressives" have done a great job at ruining the education system and Hollywood movies. Even some music is weak now... like too soft and depressing.

What a world... video gaming... porn... addiction... sensitivity. There's a lot of work that needs to be done.
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