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Default VIDEO: Austria - Students Constantly Bully Teacher - Teens Need Discipline!

VIDEO: Austria - Students Constantly Bully Teacher - Teens Need Discipline!

Excerpt: According to local media, the beleaguered professor has been the victim of threatening behaviour from his students for several months.

Shocking video footage show the out-of-control situation during his classes and the degrading situations the teacher often faced.

The students are a major problem thinking that this is fine to do to another person. The teacher shouldn't be a teacher because he has no control over the situation.

This is like a person who wants to become a lion tamer but has zero voice or powerful presence.

The real question is if this is going on in places like Austria... American-type, school bully garage then what is the rest of the world like.

I will tell you. I've seen footage like this from several areas; such as Asia.

It is clear that youth across the globe need strong moms and dads to set them straight. To really set them straight.
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