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Default What's the Future and our Kids all about?

It's not our kids fault the way America and many other nations have turned out. The blame can be placed squarely on both past and current leaders who follow "progressive" ideology. Children simply follow the examples as set by parents, politicians, famous people, and fashionable trends.

If we look hard enough, we see what has hurt our children's future and therefore the future of our nation. To name just a few issues; lack of God/spiritual teachings/church, single-parent households, Common Core education, influx of gangs and drugs, focus on Hollywood movies, liberal values, lack of morality, lack of civic duty, materialistic and hyper-sexual music are but a few of the challenges that both kids and parents must overcome in order to see the light of self-responsibility, family as priority number one, a spiritual foundation, and a desire for self-control.

The original extended family morphed into the nuclear family. Now we suffer from single-parent households and teens throwing their babies into dumpsters. How did our nation's families disintegrate in such a short time? How have we failed our kids and our homeland? Do you believe that what we have changed culturally since the 1960's onward has made us stronger, more competitive, brighter, and friendlier?

If you didn't know (now you will), "progressives" don't believe in families. They believe in the power of the state to override family decisions. They believe that "It takes a village"... meaning subordination of parental rights to local government officials is healthy and constructive. The days of the patriarch has been replaced with bitter feminists who believe they know what's best. They believe that the past thousands of years system of families (patriarchy) is wrong. Now they and other "progressive" groups are ripping families apart, making them focus on selfishness, godlessness, LGBTQ identity, passivity, and Caucasians as a whole are bad.

The future for our kids is being stolen and replaced with subordination to a global authority. With college grads struggling to find jobs, no identity in a divided world, something to stand and fight for that empowers them and their family... it is no wonder our youth are focused on feel-good hobbies; such as fast-food, porn, and getting high. That is a recipe for failure and dependence.

With that said, what will the adults of the future be like? I doubt if they'll be able to hunt for food, garden, or even change a tire. The adults of tomorrow will be dependent on robots, artificial intelligence, and an overbearing government that is embedded in everyone's life. Privacy will be a thing of the past. Living off the land will be antiquated. Speaking and protesting against government or corporations will be banned and if organized regardless will be stopped before it can begin. Each adult of the future will be a blip on a computer screen where everything they've ever done, eaten, and what he or she enjoys will be readily available for the authorities to pass judgement on. Why? Because we allowed it to happen. And globalists love it!

Article - The Importance Of Parent-Child Relations In The General Development Of Children

Article - Are Smartphones Making Our Children Mentally Ill?
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