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Default Destruction Of Children's Minds

Destruction Of Children's Minds

Excerpt: Take a look around and you may be shocked. How many have lost their imagination? How many seek counseling? How many feel inadequate and consider suicide? How many do you know who manage their lives by taking prescription drugs? How many are bored, emotionally wrecked, and afraid? Most of those people, a very large portion of the population, can no longer function as individuals.

- fff.org

This article takes on the "public" school system. It is a poor state of things for kids today as these indoctrination centers are warring against "male toxicity", patriarchy, teaching the LGBTQ lifestyle, stopping games like tag and the list goes on.

The youths historical timeline from where they came from is being dumped upon so that they can only look to a future that has erased their past as well.

The globalists have a wide plan for the youth of the world and America is the blueprint.
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