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Default Study Of "Dinner Time" Finds 30% Of Families Sit In Silence

Study Of "Dinner Time" Finds 30% Of Families Sit In Silence

Excerpt: ...only a fifth of respondents reported eating dinner with their families every night of the week.

More than one in five respondents admitted they would rather watch TV than interact with their family, and 44% said they usually stare at their phones while eating.

- studyfinds.org

I remember being in Seattle at a local pub. There was a family sitting next to me waiting to go to the same event I was going to. They were all sitting at their table, the whole time, 20 minutes, and staring at their smartphones in silence. The only one, the dad was staring at everyone else, three kids and his wife, in silence as they all just sat like the Borg from Star Trek.

Can you imagine what this does to children at the dinner table? People sitting in silence, staring at their laptops or smartphones with the selfish fascination of being online.

This lack of intelligence, empathy and ability to communicate is destructive to families and the future of any tribe or nation. Seriously. What is being taught here? Sure... a comfortable silence is one thing but a concerted effort to be silent and distracted?
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