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Default Up To 50% Of Teens Wish For An Era With No Social Media

Up To 50% Of Teens Wish For An Era With No Social Media

Excerpt: And while studies have shown that the advent of social media has been, overall, detrimental to the mental health of young people, a study conducted by a nonprofit called Common Sense Media has revealed some interesting new details about the social lives of the modern-day American teenager. While their parents have probably long been aware of the myriad ills of their childrens' digital lives, teenagers are also beginning to realize that all of this time spent on Instagram simply isn't healthy. To wit, the study found that today's teens overwhelmingly believe that social media interferes with homework, personal relationships and sleep.

Refreshing to hear that there are teens (and this should be no surprise) who want a life of living in the moment at the moment as opposed to being online.

There is no substitute for doing something as opposed to thinking about it or even writing about it.

I hope these young people see how limiting social media is and how unlimited being with one another is.
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