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Default Medical Students Raised Staring At Computer Screens Lack Surgical Skills!

Medical Students Raised Staring At Computer Screens Lack Surgical Skills!

Excerpt: New medical students have spent so much time on screens that they lack vital practical skills necessary to conduct life-saving operations, a leading surgeon has warned.

Roger Kneebone, professor of surgical education at Imperial College London, said that a decline in hands-on creative subjects at school and practical hobbies at home means that students often do not have a basic understanding of the physical world.

Excellent insights by Mr. Kneebone. Today we have youngsters who don't know how to ride a bicycle, change a bicycle tire or a car tire.

We have kids getting sore necks from staring at screens for too long. We have kids who don't know how to fish, build a fort outside or even play sports because of their addiction to computers and/or video games.

All true.

We are leaving a world to youth who don't have the independence and confidence to run it. Instead they are deep into technology that is hampering them... crippling them... making them dependent.

This weakness and non-self-reliance is the perfect human to rely upon a globalized world where a centralized system supplies the basic needs to all.
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