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Old September 19th, 2019, 08:59 AM
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Exclamation Depression Among Millennials Is Skyrocketing Compared To Previous Generations

Depression Among Millennials Is Skyrocketing Compared To Previous Generations

Excerpt: Young people today are far more likely to be depressed and to self-harm than they were 10 years ago, a new study suggests, as they struggle with body image and social media.

- telegraph.co.uk

If you've been reading this site you aren't surprised by this. With the help of "progressives", globalists, Hollywood, social media titans and social justice warriors... the attacks upon natural family, tradition and even the economy by market insiders has pulled the foundations of society form underneath our young as all of these negative voices blast their senses of who they are and who they should be.

If you're a Caucasian youth then they have classes that tell you how bad "whiteness" is and that you are inherently racist simply by being white.

If you are black then you are told that you are being held down from slavery long ago. Be mad all the time!

If you are Mexican you are being deprived of America's benefits because of the racist border wall.

If you are Asian you need to quit being so smart in school and let anyone else in no matter their grades because you're just making it too hard and competitive for others.

If you're a male then you have come from a lineage of evil patriarchy and you have "toxic masculinity". Be more passive, weak and quiet. Don't excel!

See all the toxic garbage these kids have to wade through today?

Is it any wonder that this manufactured discontent is hurting our youth? That's the plan. This is no accident. The system and those that run it from up top are dumping garbage into the minds of the youth.

Manufactured chaos isn't just war on the streets... it's also war within the mind. Young people aren't equipped to handle these attacks. Now suicides are up.
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