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Default Juvenile Shoplifting Mobs Increasing

Juvenile Shoplifting Mobs Increasing

Excerpt: Retailers are dealing with a wave of organized shoplifting teams that frequently use juveniles to do their dirty work. North Side locations of Forever 21, H&M, Ulta Beauty, DSW, Patagonia, and Burlington have been struck repeatedly — sometimes twice within hours.

Last weekend police reported that stores in the city's Magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park and Loop neighborhoods had been hit hard - while one retail employee was reportedly pepper-sprayed and another had their head slammed into a glass merchandise case.

- zerohedge.com

The sad thing here is that many of these youth, not all, don't have much which of course is no excuse. Why don't the parents/parent discipline them? Why don't they have part-time jobs after school? Why aren't they involved in sports or after school programs?

Lots of questions but one thing is certain... the liberal thinking of drug use, inner-city living through negative music/movies, dressing like a gang banger or being in a real gang, no goals, no motivation... whatever the case, America (especially politicians) have lost the way of cleanliness, hard work, and spiritualism through the lack of church and God.

Look at what is happening. Globalist seed this chaos by destroying the insides of the nation and the future of the nation by corrupting the youth.
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