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Old November 30th, 2019, 01:31 AM
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Default Code Inserted Into People To "Help" Them

I predict that as humans take on tech additives and hardware... pieces and bits at first; such as to create a photographic memory... eventually we will have the option to have specific code inserted into us, perhaps into a device attached to our brain, where the code will make us not do something again; a habit that holds us back; such as gambling the slot machines or smoking cigarettes. The habit could be taking a day-trade that is outside of our normal system of trading.

Eventually there will be codes that we employ or they employ upon us from the medical field that will be bandied about as "helpful".

In reality they are crutches that limit our freedoms. What about our willpower, failure, getting back up and going for it again until we train ourselves to be stronger? That is deep spiritual strength... intestinal fortitude... yet people will want the easy way out as they code up into something that eventually has so many coded interlocks that they are a shadow of what being a human once was.

This is about offering something that leads to enslavement. It will happen in time.
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