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Exclamation Increase In Acceptance Of Full-Term Abortion Across The Board

NY Gov. Cuomo Signs "Moment of Birth" Abortion Bill

Excerpt: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered that the spire of the One World Trade Center be lit pink. The reason why? To celebrate the passage of a new law that radically liberalizes abortion in New York State – in some cases allowing abortion up until the moment of birth, permitting non-doctors to perform abortions, and removing recognition of preborn babies older than 24 weeks as potential homicide victims.

New York’s abortion rate is already double that of the national average.

- hli.org

Virginia Gov. Northam Agreeing With Abortion Bill That Allows Abortion As Baby Born Full-Term

Excerpt: At a recent committee hearing, Republican state delegate Todd Gilbert asked Tran to clarify exactly how late in a pregnancy doctors would be able to perform abortions. Gilbert asked if a woman who was about to give birth could request an abortion under Tran's proposed bill.
"She has physical signs that she is about to give birth. Would that be a point at which she could still request an abortion if she is so certified? She's dilating," Gilbert said.

"Mr. Chairman, that would be a, you know, a decision that the doctor, the physician and the woman would make at this point," Tran responded.

"I understand that. I'm asking if your bill allows that," Gilbert posed.

"My bill would allow that, yes," she said.

- cbsnews.com

Do you see a trend here? As a society we have gone from no abortions allowed to state bills being considered where the mother can choose to have an abortion at the moment of full-term birth... and the coverage of homicide has been removed for that particular act of murder.

Women fight for their rights to an abortion. I don't agree with them but at full-term birth? How sick have we become overall? What is the value of life if we are terminating life on its 1st birthday?

We talk of valuing life, so should I feel bad if thousands of people are laid off from their job and replaced with robotics and AI? Where is the value in their lives? Should I celebrate the CEO who now has a better profit margin by getting rid of all those human workers? So then where is the value in the baby's life?

There is always the option to place the baby up for adoption... but kill the baby at birth?

You see what's being done here? It's the desensitization of life for death.

Also clearly by living in a massive, liberal city like New York City... there are even more abortions. City dwellers are disconnected from nature and life, surrounded by gray, cement walls and "progressive" ideology. No wonder they have more abortions than anyone else. They have been programmed to lean left and reside in boring filth.

See how people, their morals, their values, their perspectives are all being stunted, boxed-in, and dulled down to a point where they just don't care. They are literally apathetic to life and the functions of nature.

You may wonder what this has to do with globalization. Remember, globalization is a slow-moving force that aims to slowly eradicate all of our connections to one another... to rebuild us in a way where we aren't connected by nation, tribe, race, culture, religion or natural family but by the values that globalists deem worthy... dependency.

The filth of "progressive" cities---> Leftist City Of San Francisco Filled With Feces & Major Convention Cancels

Cities taking over services offered by religions---> Across The World, Government Loved More Than Religion/God In Big Cities
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